Tomy Sleepcurve Cotbed Mattress 1

Tomy Sleepcurve Cotbed Mattress

Tomy SleepCurve Cot Bed Mattress - 140cm x 70cm

When I was asked if I would like to review the Tomy Sleepcurve Mattress I thought that Tomy were being a little ahead of themselves with their planning since my baby isn’t due until the end of January 2013 and with Beanie Boy now being 2 years old, he has passed the age where this mattress would be most beneficial to him. So Tomy asked if I knew of anyone with a newborn who would like to review it for me. One thing about being a Mummy, you always seem to know someone who is either pregnant or has just had a baby so I knew straight away that J would be the best Mummy for the job with her new baby due around the same time. This is what J had to say:

We have been using the Tomy Sleepcurve mattress for our newborn now for a little over 3 weeks and so far we’re impressed. First impressions were how odd the mattress looked and I wasn’t expecting it to be thicker at one end than the other but then I realised that this added to helping babies breathing.

The mattress has movable sections so that you can change the mattress around as baby grows. It has a larger curved area for baby’s head to discourage ‘flat head’ syndrome and so far baby’s head is looking lovely and rounded. What we really like is that the mattress is designed to open baby’s airways when they are sleeping and this is doing exactly what it says it should, the result is baby is sleeping soundly and although we are not quite there at only 3 weeks old we are only being woken once or twice in the night for feeds.

It’s great that you can move the pieces around to make the mattress the best fit for your baby, it also means that we are able to do the feet to foot position because the head curve doesn’t have to stay at the top of the mattress. It is so easy to move around.

The mattress came with the special sleepcurve sheets too which fit perfectly and feel nice and soft. They have washed up well and are so far very impressed.

Thank you Mummy Matters and Tomy for the opportunity to review this for you.

** J **

The Tomy Sleepcurve Mattress is available in two Cotbed Sizes, Crib and Moses Basket with prices from £39.99.


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