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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Hygiene Range


As a Mum to a toddler and a baby I understand the importance of hygiene. I recently attended the launch of the new Closer to Nature Hygiene range by Tommee Tippee with my two small children. Regular readers may recall my post Whooppee to Tommee Tippee because the day was really well thought out and a total success. Upon leaving the launch I was handed a goodie bag containing some of the items from the range to trial at home and so for the past few weeks we have been giving them a run for their money.

Tommee Tippee have created a superior range of hygiene products which offer long-lasting, powerful and gentle protection against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The new range contains a revolutionary UK-made ingredient called Byotrol which is currently exclusive to Tommee Tippee. It contains no bleach or disinfectants, byotrol kills germs and microbes in a safe and gentle way.

What I particularly like about the range is that it carries on killing germs once it has dried hour upon hour after application, it is also odour free which is reassuring when cleaning feeding equipment or soothers.

The hand-gel has a really nice moisturising effect which makes a nice change from other anti-bacterial hand gels. Also because it contains no alcohol or bleach it is safe and gentle enough to use on babies. When there is alcohol in an anti-bacterial hand gel it breaks the bacteria down so much that it enables it to slip through the layers of skin and penetrate into the blood stream. This is especially so in the case of the elderly, whose skin has become very thin and in newborns and babies whose skin is still very soft. I would now choose the new Closer to Nature Hand Gel over any other in the market and at RRP £1.99 (50ml) or RRP £2.49 (150ml) a bottle I think it is also good value for money.

The steri-fluid is for use with cold-water sterilising, one capful of the solution in water will sterilise in 15 minutes and remain active for 24 hours. RRP £2.99 (500ml)

I love the new Soother, Teat and Teether Wipes – how many times have you been out with your baby when they have dropped their dummy on the floor and are screaming to have it back. You either have to trail around to find somewhere to give it a good wash, OR do the stomach-churning suck of the dummy yourself (which of course, then passes on your germs too!). Now thanks to these handy wipes you can give it a wipe and be safe in the knowledge that it is safe enough to hand straight back to your baby. Also good for cleaning the dreaded high chairs when out and about, they give you peace of mind at only RRP £1.00 for 30 wipes.

And finally the Surface Spray which I cannot be without. I hate dishcloths and so I always clean my kitchen worktops and table with Surface Spray and Kitchen Roll so that I can throw them away once I have cleaned. Again the surface spray carries on working for 24 hours after it has dried by forming an invisible barrier against germs and viruses. RRP £2.49 (500ml)

The entire range is currently available at Tesco, Asda and Toys’R’us. For more information on the range visit the website by clicking the link below.

Tommee Tippee Hygiene

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