Today my name is Gloria!

Yes today my name is Gloria, or Sharon, or Betty – in fact you can call me any name you like as long as its not Mummy!!  Mummy has been totally worn out in this house this morning.  Do you have those days where you wish you could just hide?  I’m having one today.  Its not helped by the fact that I don’t feel on top form, I think I have hayfever or a cold and my head feels like its full of cotton wool.  Little Bean’s conversation skills today have gone something like this;

HTC Pictures 098 Mummy can I have some crisps?

Mummy can I have a drink?

Mummy I need a wee?

Mummy can I play outside?

Mummy I want you to play outside?

Mummy why are you doing the washing up?

Mummy why are you hanging the clothes on the line?

Mummy can you fix my bike?

Mummy I’m hungry?

Mummy I need a drink?

Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy . . . . . .

I think you get the message!  I should thank my lucky stars that Beanie Boy hasn’t learnt to talk properly yet, he says Mama, Dadda and Nanna but I think they are just sounds as opposed to actual names.  He does scream the minute I leave the room or when I don’t look at him the minute he shouts and boy does he shout!

For now I have put Little Bean to bed and I can’t tell you the immense relief that came over me when I heard her snoring gently at last.  I hate the days where we fall out, they make me feel like I’m a bad Mummy because I should have more patience, should play more, should leave the housework . . . but I can’t help it, I’m only human.  On Wednesday morning I shall be away for three days and leaving my babies behind, I really don’t want our last couple of days together to be rubbish ones.  I want her to be sorry that I’m going away not getting out the bunting and shouting “let’s have a party”.  But secretly, I can’t wait to have some ‘me’ time even though I know by the first night I will be wishing I was home to kiss my babies goodnight!


  • Mari

    July 4 at 8:33 pm

    Today I signed the forms for the girls’ preschool in September = five mornings a week and I can’t tell you the bounce I had in my step walking back home.
    Fingers crossed they settle in nicely and don’t ‘ruin’ my me-time
    Enjoy your three days 🙂

    1. mummymatters

      July 13 at 9:21 pm

      I know exactly what you mean, I have Little Bean booked in three full days a week from September and I can’t wait – though of course I will miss her (a little bit!) 😉 xx

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