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Tinga Tinga Tales

Do you know how all the animals came to be how they are today? Do you know why the Zebra has its stripes or why the Tortoise has a broken shell? I do, not because I’m really clever (although of course I am) but because I’ve been watching Tinga Tinga Tales with Little Bean. This is one show on CBeebies which I just can’t help but watch, it has a really catchy tune and the characters are just so bright and cheerful.

Now you can collect your favourite Tinga Tinga Tales animals with these detailed figures. With these figures your little explorers can recreate their favourite programme and go on adventures with their imagination.

This set includes Monkey, Lion, Tortoise and Elephant.

Suitable for ages 3+.

The figures are solid plastic and weigh approximately 5g each.

RRP £10.00

For more great toys in the Tinga Tinga Tales range visit Bandai.co.uk and see their Facebook site to see what other fans think about them.

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