Time to start thinking about a Winter wardrobe 1

Time to start thinking about a Winter wardrobe

Bleurgh winter! I’m not really a winter person I have to admit, I don’t like the cold and I hate the dark nights but there is one thing about winter which is pretty cool and that’s getting to wear a new wardrobe of clothes. I love chunky knits, leggings with dresses and stylish coats. Last year I was heavily pregnant with Jelly Bean and knowing that he was to be my last baby bump I wasn’t keen to splash out on lots of new maternity wear so I muddled through with my old maternity wear which was more summer/autumn based and not very warm! I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can find for this winter since I almost have a waistline back again.

Littlewoods Dresses

Recently I have been checking out Littlewoods online, I have to admit that the cheeky grin of Mark Wright on the adverts did manage to keep them in the forefront of my mind more than most. It’s been a while since I have really browsed an online shop for clothing for me but I have a feeling I may be spending a few evenings doing a spot of ‘window shopping’ or building up my Pinterest ‘My Style’ Board with ideas. If I’m honest, I don’t think I have great style, I don’t have the vision that some people have. My Mum could come and look in my wardrobe and put together a really cool looking outfit which would make me look slim, fashionable and not-so-Mummyish but I lack that ‘something’ and just see a bunch of skirts, tops and trousers hanging and go for colours which look like they won’t clash. This is something that I plan to change and so I have started to look in magazines and shop windows for inspiration, I want to look good all of the time not just on the days when I have somewhere special to go.

Now that I can almost see my waistline I have been looking at the range of women’s dresses on Littlewoods.com, so much more comfortable than trousers and less chance of a ‘muffin-top’ whilst I shed those final few pounds. I like to team my dresses up with leggings or thick tights and boots for a daytime look that will keep me warm but stylish at the same time. Gone are the days for bare legs and sandals!! Unfortunately I don’t think I have any dates in my diary for Weddings to attend but there are some lovely ‘occasion’ dresses too.

Littlewoods Dresses

Looking on Littlewoods website I was pleasantly surprised by just how affordable much of the fashion is on there and I was also surprised by the number of brands they now stock, very different from the last time I looked at one of their paper catalogues. One of my favourite brands is Joe Brown, I like how they are a bit ‘different’ and ‘eclectic’. I also surprised myself by just how much of the Colleen range I found myself drawn to, I always assumed that WAGS and the like would have fashion ranges full of bling and fur but I was completely wrong. Perhaps it’s time I stopped with the stereotyping and assumptions and took a leaf out of their books because it’s rare you see any of them walking around looking anything less than chic.

So what will you be wearing this winter?

DISCLAIMER: This post was written in collaboration with Littlewoods

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