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Three steps back?

Potty It is almost one year since we began potty training with Little Bean and she did amazingly well, within 2-3 weeks she had got it sorted in the daytime and within 2 months was also out of nappies at night. We were so proud of her and she was extremely proud of herself. All has been going really well until the last couple of weeks when Little Bean started to have ‘accidents’ in the daytime. I remember that Curly was always a monkey for leaving it to the very last minute to go to the toilet (always something more interesting to occupy his time) and now Little Bean seems to be heading in the same direction.

Little Bean drinks LOADS during the day, personally I think this is because she is hungry but I won’t let her keep eating the sweet snacks and biscuits that she wants because it has a detrimental influence on her behaviour. Since I have stopped the chocolatey snacks and told her she is only allowed one healthy snack during the morning and one in the afternoon her behaviour has improved no end.

I have been very good and haven’t scolded her for wetting her pants but it is happening sometimes two or three times a day and I really don’t know how to tackle it at the moment? Any suggestions would be gratefully received as I feel like we are sliding backwards at the moment.

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  1. Sarah
    April 2, 2012 / 11:03 am

    H has been exactly the same, she has been dry now for 15 months and has had a fair few accidents recently but nursery have said it is exactly what you have described, getting so involved in activities that they forget until it is too late. Must just be a stage some kids go through but blooming annoying all the same. I think just perseverence and reminding again – maybe we have got out the habit of reminding too soon? And well done on the snack rules, I notice if H has chocolate snack she is more demanding, so I tend to limit chocolate to puddings now, or special occassions like parties etc! Hope your well x

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