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One thing that I’ve always been conscious about in becoming a mum is for my babies to not have a flat head, sometimes its just one of those things that can’t be avoided but thankfully there is a product out there that can help to combat this. At least one in four babies will have a clearly noticeable deformity in the shape of their head but in the majority of cases this will have corrected itself within their first year due to the growth pressure of the brain. I was sent the Theraline Baby Pillow for Beanie Boy to try and I think its brilliant! It is a pillow specifically designed with the comfort and safety of babies in mind whilst preserving the shape of baby’s head.
Theraline Baby Pillow 1
The pillow is anatomically shaped with a pre-formed head hollow in the upper side and is made for high-tech perforated fabric to support baby’s head evenly and effectively. I’m pleased to say that both Little Bean and Beanie Boy have beautiful round heads but had Beanie Boy got a slightly deformed head, the Theraline Baby Pillow can help with faster correction of the deformity as his head grows.
Theraline Baby Pillow 2
The pillow is made up of three different types of breathable fabric which help to maintain baby’s temperature and is so open that if baby were to turn and rest with their face into the pillow they can still easily breathe through it, however Theraline does support the “Back to Sleep” Campaign of The American Academy of Paediatrics.
Beanie Boy has been using his pillow for about 3 weeks now and he sleeps very peacefully and still has a beautiful shaped head. He has been sick on it a couple of times but as it is machine washable I’m not worried.
Theraline Baby Pillow:

  • Keeps your baby in an ideal sleeping position
  • Allows the head to turn
  • Supports faster correction of deformities
  • Free circulation of air allows your baby to breathe easily*
  • Very good heat transfer
  • Straightforward hygiene: can be washed at 60o C
  • Suitable for ages: 0 – 12 months

For more information about the Theraline Baby Pillow or tips on dealing with head deformities then pop along to Theraline’s website.

Theraline Baby Pillow 3

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  1. That’s great news. I’ll definitely check this out when we have another baby because I couldn’t find anything that was highly recommended when C was younger. The item I saw, which was very expensive, were the helmets (that look like bike helmets), which they have to wear all the time. Although his head is not as flat now, it is still not the “normal” round shape I would like it to be.

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