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The Potato Story – coming to a town near you!


So what’s “The Potato Story” I hear you say? Don’t worry I haven’t gone balmy in my bid to get Baby Bean to eat and made a random story up about potatoes!! In actual fact the Potato Story is a National Roadshow Programme currently travelling around the UK in an effort to educate children on . . . yes you’ve guessed it – POTATOES!!!


Those great guys at McCain who bring us all kinds of lovely food discovered a few shocking facts about our children and their thoughts on potatoes, for instance:-


1 in 10 children aged 7 – 11 think that chickens lay potatoes!

1 in 5 have no idea that potatoes are grown in the ground!

1 in 5 didn’t realise that chips were made from the humble spud!


So McCain have been travelling around the country over the past year to over 130 UK Primary Schools as part of their “It’s all good” campaign (to date reaching over 17,400 pupils) in an unbranded fancy double decker bus (see below) to educate our children in one of my favourite topics – FOOD! (I’m a taurus!). In September 2009 they embarked on their fifth tour where they hope to reach 30 schools by the end of November 2009, all material is relevant to the school curriculum and is done in a fun, interactive way for kids.



Child Psychologist, Dr Richard Woolfson says “Lack of understanding of food and a misunderstanding of what constitutes ‘healthy food’ may have a serious impact on the eating habits of children in the future.


Food provenance is a big part of this, as it’s very important that children learn where their food comes from in order for them to develop healthy eating habits from an early age.”


If your children haven’t yet been one of the lucky ones to experience the Potato Story, then hopefully they will be soon. BUT you don’t have to wait to see what all the excitement is about, you can visit their website (see link below) and learn along with your child. Getting your children interested in where their food actually comes from really can help to increase their likes and dislikes, even the fussy ones!! I should know!!!!! Go on, pay them a visit, you might even learn something new yourself!


For more information visit: http://www.thepotatostory.co.uk/

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