The Playgroup Secret Society

Mummy Matters This morning I took Beanie Boy to a new playgroup which I found out about through a Grandma at another playgroup we usually attend. I had always been worried with Beanie Boy that he would be the child clinging to my legs the moment I tried to leave him somewhere but from the moment we walked through the door he toddled off to find himself some toys and immediately sat down next to another little boy and began playing cars with him. It was so lovely to see my confident little boy just getting on with it and mucking in, I felt extremely proud of him and of course a little sad that my little boy is growing up so quickly.

It’s so strange to think that Little Bean is nearly 4 years old and I am only now finding out about playgroup which have been running in my town for over 20 years. I was talking to some of the ladies at the new playgroup this morning and said that when Little Bean was a baby/toddler we spent all of our time at the local Surestart Children’s Centre because we didn’t think there were any playgroups in the town. It turns out that there are actually playgroups running every single day of the week and has been that way for many years. It’s like a secret society of playgroups that you are only invited to if you know someone who knows someone. It’s such a shame because there were many times that I would have loved to have somewhere different to take Little Bean, times when we have sat at home not knowing what to do on a rainy morning stuck indoors. I had trawled local pages on the internet and asked at the Health Centre but it’s only now that I am finding out about them.

I suppose if I had been thinking straight at the time, the obvious place to have asked would have been at all of the local Churches since they seem to be the ones behind most of the playgroups. So if you are a lonely parent/carer/guardian sitting at home wishing there was somewhere you could go, check with your local Churches, you never know what little gems you could be missing out on either!

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