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The one with the square toilet!

Square Toilet

I hate to turn my blog towards toilet humour but I have to share this with you so that should you ever decide to go ultra modern with your bathroom designs, you will NOT be tempted by a square toilet.

The Kube The Kube

When we stayed at The Kube in St Tropez a few weeks ago I was impressed by how much they tried to stick to the ‘square’ theme, the bedside tables were square, the chairs were square, our shower head was square, the sinks were square, hey even the soap was square! BUT and this is a big BUT (no Mr Woodall not my BUTT) who in their right mind ever thought that a square toilet was a good idea????

French toilet

There is a reason that toilets are generally shaped like an egg BECAUSE THEY ARE COMFORTABLE!!! I had kind of hoped that when I lifted the lid on this particular cube I would be faced with a round hole in a square base but no, the seat edges were even squared off for the most uncomfortable toilet ever. If you sat with your legs closed it felt like Chinese torture on the backs of your thighs. I tried to straddle the corners but that just felt wrong for all kinds of reasons and then the corners dug in too, I tried perching across one corner but that didn’t work either. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I even preferred the “stand and hover” toilets on the French motorway to the square toilet (ok well maybe not), it was just wrong diddly wrong, from wrongford! Mind you, at least it meant that Hubby didn’t stay perched in the toilet reading for a long time, I guess every square toilet has a silver lining!!

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  1. February 23, 2012 / 12:06 pm

    All the way through that I was thinking “how on *earth* are you going to read a book in comfort on that?”.

    Then I reached you last line and realised the answer is clearly that you don’t.

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