The Gallery: Education

This week’s theme of ‘Education’ took some brain power for me this week and thanks to Beanie Boy only allowing me an average 4hrs sleep a night, brain power has been in very short supply.  My initial thoughts were to post a picture of Curly at School or Little Bean on her first day at little school but then I thought some more and I wanted to approach it from a different angle.  The picture below was taken today at a get together with some lovely ladies who I met last summer when we were all attending aquanatal yoga together in preparation for the birth of our four baby boys.  This was our second get together since our boys were born and it was great to see how they were all progressing.


So why have I chosen this picture for ‘Education’?  Simple, because any time that you get together with other Mum’s you are educated in being a parent.  As parents and women we can’t help but talk about our journey through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, sleep training, weaning and beyond.  There is always something to learn and because we are all different, we have different parenting styles.  We have picked up tips from the experiences we’ve had, the people we have come across – being a parent, living with children – its an ongoing education!!

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