The Gallery: Chilled Out

If it weren’t for the pink trousers you’d be forgiven for thinking that the baby in this picture was Beanie Boy but no, this is actually Little Bean aged 3 months chilled out on the bed with her big Brother Curly in August 2008.  This is still a regular sight in our house as all three children love books.  Curly will often sit down with Little Bean and Beanie Boy reading book after book to them.

Chilled out

Little Bean has now begun to follow suit with Beanie Boy in a morning whilst I’m getting myself ready for the day ahead.  Beanie Boy lies in his cot or on our bed and Little Bean will sit with him ‘reading’ her books to him.  I love listening to her as she is able to recite almost word for word the book of choice. 

The books which really make me laugh at the books about colours which don’t really say anything at all so she will read out “once upon a time there was a ball”, followed by “once upon a time there was a shoe” – I think you get the picture.  We love nothing more than to cuddle up with books together, what could be more relaxing and bring you closer to your children – bliss!

This post was written for The Gallery Week 58, why not hop across and see what other people do to “Chill Out”.

4 thoughts on “The Gallery: Chilled Out”

  1. The worship of his big brother. My three year-old absolutely adores his six-year-old BB. There’s nothing like it. Lovely pic.

    • I know, she really does worship him too and now we have the same with Beanie Boy looking up to his brother and sister.
      Thank you

    • This is a regular sight in our house, they sit and read to each other all the time and I love it soo much, it always melts my heart!

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