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The fabulous NHS! Not!

Today both Little Bean and myself had our routine check-up at the dentist.  I have been attending my current dentist for as long as I have been living here, so roughly 8 years.  Up until now I can honestly say I’ve had no problems with them at all and my actual Dentist is a really nice South African guy.  Always very polite and chatty, always very professional.

BUT the receptionists are a different kettle of fish!  I got stuck in traffic today thanks to the mountains of roadworks that are taking place all around the city.  I tried calling ahead to tell them I was going to be late but the phone was constantly engaged.  I arrived only 5 minutes late in the end and apologised profusely, trying to explain that I had tried to phone ahead.  The abrupt receptionist told me “yes well you can only have a check-up, no treatment as you are SO late”.  I pointed out that I was only 5 minutes late but she told me that according to her computer I was actually 12 minutes late which wasn’t really good enough.  Hey, at least I had turned up for my appointment – unlike all the other people that they had written up on the notice board as non-attendees!  She then told me that there wouldn’t be enough time for the Dentist to see Little Bean – I couldn’t be bothered to argue with her so I just took my seat and waited 10 minutes for my name to be called.  No-one left so obviously they weren’t in such a hurry to see me.

When I saw my dentist, he was his usual cheery self and the appointment went well.  He offered to check Little Bean’s teeth but she ran away so he thought it was best not to push it just yet.

As I was about to leave the room, he said that he needed to point out that as I was an NHS patient the routine checkups had changed.  I had been on a 6 month routine appointment but apparently the NHS have changed this to 9 monthly appointments – which my dentist said he actually doesn’t agree with but can do nothing about.

Can things get much worse?  First the Surestart Children’s Centres lose funding, then tax credits take a hit along with other family benefits and now we have to sacrifice our teeth to have a family.  What EXACTLY do we pay our taxes for?  I would like to point out that I am not a “benefits” person, I’m merely a stay-at-home mum who wants to spend time with her children but apparently I should be out there earning and ignoring my children! Sorry little rant over!

But to continue with the wonderful NHS!  Last week I had to visit my Gran in hospital as she had fallen over outside her home and had broken her hip in two places.  She is 90 years old!  Once she had been through A&E and was placed on a ward she was placed on a waterbed mattress.  Sounds lovely and comfy doesn’t it – no, because it was leaking and she ended up sleeping on the metal frame of the bed.  She complained to the nurses but they told her it was ALL THEY HAD!  So she shuffled herself out of bed and into her chair WITH A BROKEN HIP in very much pain because she said that it was less painful to sit in the chair than it was to lay on the bed. 

Eventually, after 6 hours, they managed to find her a new mattress so she was made slightly more comfortable.  She had an operation on her hip where they pinned and plated the hip in two places.  Through the operation she lost a lot of blood and afterwards was oozing puss and blood.  This went all over her sheets and so she asked if she could have her bed sheets changed.  The nurse obliged but rolled her onto her broken hip, causing her excruciating pain!!  WHAT is wrong with these people?

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  1. andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou
    July 21, 2010 / 2:26 pm

    It is just a nightmare isn’t it! I have had so many problems since having Baba with the doctors receptionist’s, it is like they take a course on being a right so and so!

    I ended up writing to our local MP when Baba was last poorly as he was going blue and shaking, and he has febrile convulsions, so I was obviously concerned. Phoned the doctors to ask for a home visit, to be told that he was over 1 he was 16months at the time, so I needed to get him to the doctors. I told her he was going blue and she said that I could come to the emergency surgery at 5pm it was about 3pm I slammed the phone down and called 999. Wrote to the MP and complained and they sent it to the doctors I got a reply from the doctors saying that the receptionist had never been told that he was going blue and that was vital information to tell them.

    Then another time Mr L had proper flu, he had been to the docs and they said he had a virus, but by the afternoon, he couldn’t move he was having a high fever and seeing things and was really poorly. I again phoned for a home visit to be told that he had to get to the surgery, it sounded like flu, but if he had trouble breathing to contact them again! Because that would help!!

    They are a law onto themselves, our receptionists seem to think they are medically trained and tell you what to do. Then when you end up in hospital and repeat what the receptionist have told you, you get told that that is the worst thing you can do. This has happened to us twice in the last year.

    Sorry for the rant obviously I feel strongly about this!

    • mummymatters
      July 21, 2010 / 8:06 pm

      OMG thankfully I haven’t had anything quite as bad as that but I can believe it happens. I don’t know who makes Receptionists the “king/queen” but they really do get a head on them and forget that they are actually there for the patients. Well done for contacting your local MP, I always mean to do things like that and then get so busy with life that I forget all about it.

      Please feel free to rant away anytime, its good to talk!

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