Thanks to Fisher Price . . .

Thanks to Fisher Price . . . not only have they provided me with hours of fun since I was a child, helped me through the baby days with my tiddlers and provided hours of fun in the form of various toys and activities, they are now sponsoring me to attend CybHer and BritMums Live this summer.


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It has never been a secret that I am a big fan of Fisher Price, I still have the majority of toys from my own childhood and occasionally I let my children play with them although it turns out I am still not great at sharing them!! Little Bean used Fisher Price bottles when I stopped breastfeeding her and moved onto formula and looking around our playroom at home, it would be easy to mistake us for a Fisher Price exhibition. Every single Fisher Price product has been meticulously thought out in their play labs and with the help of parents, that’s why they have such a winning formula and that’s why I am so proud to be their representative at two of the major blogging events to be happening this year in the UK.

If you’re going too, don’t forget to say hi, it will be great to meet some new faces!!!

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