Thank you Twitter!

twitter When I first started out on Twitter, I didn’t get it! Not in the slightest, I felt like I was just lurking, earwigging on people’s private conversations. Sometimes I would see a tweet and want to jump in and reply but it felt wrong, cheeky almost. But then I spoke to other friends who used Twitter and they said that’s what you need to do to start conversing with people. So I did, I started commenting on people’s tweets and a whole new world opened up to me. I now have 867 followers, which is still small fry in comparison to some but I’m quite happy with that.
Twitter has been my companion through pregnancy when I couldn’t sleep, or when I had worrying niggles, Twitter was there with baited breath when I announced that I had gone into labour and with huge congratulations when the first pictures of my new baby boy were published. In the middle of the night when I’ve been nursing Beanie Boy and trying desperately to stay awake, it was a comfort to find other new Mum’s (and some not-so-new Mums) also having a bad night, you’ve got to love the #badnightcoffeeclub !!
Today, Twitter has come to my rescue once more and has provided with me a reason to blog about it. At around 3.30pm most days, someone sneaks into my house and swaps my cute, sweet Little Bean for a back-chatting, belligerent little terror! It is at times like that when Hubby is at work, that I feel all alone and wonder where I have gone wrong with my daughter. But today, when I switched on my Ipod Touch and looked at Twitter I was greeted by tweets from other parents who were having a bad day, parents who were tearing their hair out at their toddlers behaviour and suddenly I was not alone. OK so they weren’t here to help with my little monkey but reading other’s stories made my problems feel so much smaller. What I love about Twitter is that no matter what time of the day, if you’re having a bad day, there is always someone around to lend you an ear and a shoulder to cry on. There are always people with words of advice or some little anecdote to make you laugh.
Thank you Twitter for always being there x

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