Terror at the carwash!

Today I decided to call in at the carwash and get my car spruced up.  This is the first time since Little Bean was a tiny baby that I’ve been through the carwash so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Sacrewell Farm 108-1

When we went in, she got really excited and was giggling away as the brushes started spinning.  Then came the water, she squealed with delight, exclaiming “raining, raining”.  Phew, I thought, this was going to go well.  She watched intently as the brushes whizzed round and round against her window, she was so pleased to finally say goodbye to the bird pooh which has bugged her for the last two days – “pooh gone Mummy!” she yelled and clapped her hands.

Sacrewell Farm 109

Then the mood changed, I think once the brushes had gone behind her she thought that was it, all finished.  But when I told her they were coming back, a look of dread came over her face and she said “want it” which in Little Bean speak means “don’t want it”.  I told her it would be ok, nearly finished but I could see her chest rising and falling quickly as she was obviously getting anxious.  I tried leaning back and holding her hand and she seemed to calm down.  The brushes finished spinning and I could see the look of relief spread across her face.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the drying cycle was about to start so I changed the music and put on some Lady Gaga (her favourite) thinking it might distract her.  It did, for all of a second until the dryers started up and her face looked like something out of a horror movie when the victim suddenly realises they are being pursued.

Sacrewell Farm 110

The dryers came higher and higher up the car and with them, the tears!  Poor Little Bean kept shouting at it to stop and “go ‘way” but of course I was as helpless as she was and just had to be as calming for her as possible until her nightmare ended.  As the dryers finished and the carwash moved away from the car, Little Bean screamed and clapped with delight before declaring “get out”.  Needless to say I think in future we’ll just let Daddy wash the car at home, its exercise anyway!

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