• Time to start thinking about a Winter wardrobe 1

    Time to start thinking about a Winter wardrobe

    Bleurgh winter! I’m not really a winter person I have to admit, I don’t like the cold and I hate the dark nights but there is one thing about winter which is pretty cool and that’s getting to wear a new wardrobe of clothes. I love chunky knits, leggings with dresses and stylish coats. Last […]

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  • Has winter changed since we were children? 2

    Has winter changed since we were children?

    In association with Cineworld Last winter it seemed as if we were about to start a new ice age rather than find ourselves in the clutches of global warming, but in general is winter a different experience for our children than it was for us? Five centimetres of snow might sound a lot but it’s […]

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  • UNIQLO Family Fashion Challenge 3

    UNIQLO Family Fashion Challenge

    The first time I heard about UNIQLO was walking down Oxford Street in London. As usual I in a hurry to get somewhere so I didn’t actually venture in but I made a mental note to go back when I had the time. So far I haven’t had the time! Luckily for me, I was […]

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  • Bye Bye Summer! 4

    Bye Bye Summer!

    Just like that, Summer seems to have gone. Dare I admit it, yesterday I put the heating on low for an hour in the afternoon. I tried putting extra layers on but I still felt cold and then when I picked Jelly Bean up, he felt cold too. It’s hard to believe that just two […]

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