• Thinking Slimmer

    Thinking Slimmer? I will be very soon . . .

    Just a few short weeks ago I received my Cybher newsletter along with all other delegates which said that Thinking Slimmer were proud to announce their sponsorship of Cybher and to mark the occasion they were looking for 10 bloggers to review the Thinking Slimmer weight-loss programmes. Readers of Mummy Matters will know that last […]

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  • 26 Dresses in 60 minutes

    No it’s not a typo on my title, I didn’t mean to write 27 Dresses because this isn’t an outdated review of film about the girl who was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. 26 dresses refers to the number of dresses I tried on in the space of 60 minutes in search of a […]

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  • Weightwatchers Simply Enjoy Cookbook

    For someone who isn’t big on cooking, I LOVE cookbooks. I have a cupboard full of them, every now and then I open the cupboard and take one out just to look at the pictures of mouthwatering meals and others I do actually take them out, choose a recipe and COOK it! My family will […]

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    Ok so it doesn’t look quite as good written down but it sounds great when they shout it out like that at football matches.  Not a football lover?  Don’t worry this post has NOTHING at all to do with football.  What I’m saying is I’ve reached my goal weight of 10st!  In fact I have […]

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