• Busting the myths on bread . . . 1

    Busting the myths on bread . . .

    You all know that Hubby and I have been following a healthier way of eating in a bid to lose our post-baby weight. Yes that’s right, I did say ‘our’ as Hubby always comfort-ate along with me. One of the things which I cut out of my diet first when trying to lose weight was […]

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  • Fitbug

    Getting to grips with my Fitbug Orb

    For the past month I have been accompanied every minute of the day by a little white device strapped to my wrist or clipped to my clothing. If you have been reading Mummy Matters for a while you may remember that last year I reviewed the Fitbug Air which was great at encouraging me to […]

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  • How do you diet? 5

    How do you diet?

    Before having my children I was one of the lucky ones who could eat exactly what I wanted and it didn’t make a difference to my weight but since having the children my metabolism has most definitely changed and now every little lump and bump shows. It has had a big effect on my confidence, […]

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