• Villas.com

    Introducing Villas.com

    How do you book your holidays?? Do you still trudge down the high street to your local travel agents and flick through their brochures? Do you trawl Teletext in search of the perfect break? (Do people even still use Teletext???) or do you search all the holiday sites online to find yourself the holiday of […]

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  • long journeys

    Keep the children entertained on long journeys

    Travelling with children can often be a stressful event, they just want to get there, YOU just want to get there but sadly we haven’t learnt to teleport yet and as far as I’m aware the floo powder in Harry Potter is just fictional too so until someone makes a great discovery it’s planes, trains […]

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  • Family break

    The Long and Whining Road

    New research shows parents across the UK are dreading the bank holiday staycations – as it involves a car journey with their children •      One in seven parents are dreading the long journey with their children •      One in three find the journey the most stressful part of the holiday •      Most annoying things children […]

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  • Top Five City Breaks with Kids

    Getting away for a few days is bound to be an appreciated luxury for hectic families – juggling school runs, chores, work commitments and errands can get on top of you after a while, so any excuse to escape for a weekend or mini-break will be a welcome one. While you may ordinarily consider city […]

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  • Stay safe on the roads this winter 2

    Stay safe on the roads this winter

    As the Winter months are fast approaching and the UK weather gets more wild by the day it’s time to start thinking about keeping yourself safe when out and about on the roads. Of course the best piece of advice to follow is to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary but that isn’t always […]

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  • Hailo – The Black Cab App makes life easier!

    I can’t even begin to imagine how many times I have been to London since becoming a Mummy, in the beginning I would always drive because I didn’t like the idea of the train and the underground with a pushchair and a baby. Then after a number of bad experiences in the car I decided […]

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