• Have I created a monster? 1

    Have I created a monster?

    When it comes to sleep and my children, I managed to get Little Bean and Beanie Boy into a good daytime sleep routine pretty much from the start. They both quickly fell into the same pattern of being put down to nap whilst awake and would have a 2 hour nap twice a day until […]

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  • Poorly boys and early mornings 2

    Poorly boys and early mornings

    How cute are this big-eyed duo?! Really cute, that’s how cute. But today, they don’t look like this, they look heavy-eyed, a bit pale and they have very snotty noses, a horrible cough and a raging temperature. For the last week or so I have been struggling with a horrid cold and now it would […]

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  • The Strange Nocturnal Habits of a Nation Revealed 3

    The Strange Nocturnal Habits of a Nation Revealed

    Millions of us are being kept awake by the strange nocturnal habits of our other halves a new study has revealed. More than half (55%) of us have been woken by our partner sleep talking, more than a quarter (26%) from laughing and one in ten from sleep walking, according to the survey of 2,044 […]

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  • Are you babylagged? 4

    Are you babylagged?

    Do you remember that feeling in the early months of being a parent of a newborn? You have been woken countless times throughout the night and then you wake in the morning feeling like your head is full of cotton wool, your eyelids have cast-iron weights pulling them down and you can’t understand why you […]

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  • Teething Troubles

    Teething Troubles – Those pesky teeth?

    Beanie Boy’s first teeth came through months ago without any sign of teething troubles.  He has been doing really well with his six little gnashers but over the past week or so he has started waking up at 6.15 am on the dot crying out loud. Could teething be to blame? Beanie Boy has NEVER […]

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  • I hope this doesn’t jinx it!

    You know when you really want to write a post saying just how well something is going but you’re worried that if you do, it will all go wrong?  Well this is one of those posts.  After reading some of my ‘woe-is-me’ posts about how Beanie Boy still isn’t sleeping through at 8 months, Pampers […]

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