• Quality Time with Beanie Boy 1

    Quality Time with Beanie Boy

    I’m sorry to say that I have got my ‘quality time’ posts in completely the wrong order. The week before I went to London with Little Bean, I had a day out with Beanie Boy just the two of us. Beanie Boy has always been very much a Mummy’s boy to the point that he […]

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  • Little Bean’s a ‘mini’ Mummy 3

    Little Bean’s a ‘mini’ Mummy

    On Saturday night Beanie Boy excitedly packed his bags and went to stay at Nanna’s house for a sleepover which meant that we were left at home with Little Bean and Jelly Bean. As soon as we told Little Bean that Beanie Boy was going to Nanna’s house she declared that she would sleep in […]

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  • We love our #familyfilmnight 4

    We love our #familyfilmnight

    For some time now my friend Karin has been enjoying a #familyfilmnight on a regular basis with her family, I kept telling Hubby about it and said that we should do something similar with our children. I think it’s nice to have a tradition, something for the family to look forward to and so eventually […]

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  • Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 17 5

    Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 17

    We had a late start to our day today, yesterday ended on a tetchy note with the tiddlers since they were extremely overtired from missing out on their daytime naps so today I decided to stay at home and have a quite day for them to recharge their batteries. Whilst they chilled out with a […]

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