• Crocs

    It’s a Crocs thing!

    Crocs – I’ll admit it, when they first came on the scene I swore I wouldn’t be seen in them but then Hubby and I went on our honeymoon to Venice and Sorrento and everywhere we looked people were wearing them and shops were selling them. We thought to ourselves that they must be comfortable […]

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  • Hotter Shoes

    Hotter gave me #StyleWithASmile

    Last week my Mum, Karin and I had a rare Mums night off and it didn’t involve a bar or a restaurant. Nope, as everyone else was leaving Queensgate in Peterborough we were heading in – it felt slightly odd to be in an empty shopping centre. We were heading for a special blogging event […]

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  • Jacamo

    A man can never have too many pairs of shoes . . .

    Well that’s what my husband says anyway! I think we have things slightly the wrong way around in our house as he is definitely the one with the most shoes and whenever he gets a bit of spare cash, he will generally be found lurking in a shoe shop. We were recently asked if Hubby […]

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  • This summer I will be wearing . . . UGGS! 1

    This summer I will be wearing . . . UGGS!

    Have you noticed that summer keeps popping it’s head up giving us a little sneak peek of what we could be getting more of in the next couple of months? I have and I am more than just a little excited, I love the summer months. I love to get out and about in the […]

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  • New Schuhs!! 2

    New Schuhs!!

    Before Christmas, we were asked if we would like to review Schuh’s children’s collection either in-store or online. Initially, I was going to try online as I hadn’t been shopping in Peterborough for so long and didn’t realise we actually had a Schuh shop now. So post Christmas when I dared to venture to the […]

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  • Thank Crocs for the English weather! 3

    Thank Crocs for the English weather!

    When you get given a pair of Wellies at the beginning of June you can’t help but think to yourself “it’s not really Wellington Season”. Then you give yourself a reality check and remember that you don’t live in the Med and that actually in England it never really knows from one day to the […]

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