• Does your child have a climbing frame? 1

    Does your child have a climbing frame?

    Growing up I remember visiting friend’s houses for play dates after school and being so in awe of them because they had climbing frames and I didn’t. In hindsight I did have big apple trees to climb and a host of other outdoor toys but you always seem to want what you don’t have. We […]

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  • 26 Dresses in 60 minutes

    No it’s not a typo on my title, I didn’t mean to write 27 Dresses because this isn’t an outdated review of film about the girl who was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. 26 dresses refers to the number of dresses I tried on in the space of 60 minutes in search of a […]

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  • What happened to me?

    Before having children, I would have described myself as a bubbly, confident, outgoing girl who had no problem interacting with strangers.  I was never fazed by going away with work to training centres where I knew no-one, I saw it as fun, a challenge.  I would strike up conversations with people when out and about, […]

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