• Back to School: Matalan School Uniform 1

    Back to School: Matalan School Uniform

    I knew this time would come eventually but really so soon? How can it be that my little girl is four years old and ready to start school? School Uniform Shopping Now that we know for definite which school she is going to in September, we have been able to focus our efforts on getting […]

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  • “He looks like a nice boy!”

    As you saw from my post on Monday we found out that Little Bean didn’t get the preferred Primary School that we would have liked for her. It’s pretty much all I have been thinking about this week, should we appeal, shouldn’t we appeal, I know that she will fit in anywhere . . . […]

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  • 017/366 – Fffffffffreezing!

    This was the walk to school this morning, I could not believe how flippin’ cold it was!! Little Bean told me that “Jack Frost has been everywhere Mummy” and she wasn’t wrong. I forgot to take my camera with me (which is unheard of for me) but I managed to take these snaps on my […]

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  • All the fun at the Farm!

    Today was Little Bean’s first ever school trip with her pre-school and I think its fair to say it was a big success.  The trip was to a local petting farm which we had visited before with friends but she was so excited at the prospect of going with her school friends and teachers. She […]

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