• School Report

    Well done Little Bean!!!

    Well, that’s it! Little Bean has nearly completed her first year at Primary School. It only seems like yesterday that I was standing in the lounge ironing labels into her uniform thinking that my baby girl wasn’t even old enough to go to school and now here we are brimming with pride at the glowing […]

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  • Pirate Bean’s Treasure Chest 2

    Pirate Bean’s Treasure Chest

    The current topic in Little Bean’s class this week is Pirates and Little Bean is LOVING it! On Monday she had to go to school dressed as a Pirate . . . Of course, Beanie Boy didn’t want to miss out on the fun so he donned his Pirate gear at home too. Little Bean […]

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  • Little Bean's first sports day 3

    Little Bean’s first sports day

    As parents we say this all the time but our children grow up so fast!! You really have to make the most of them as they are so precious. On Wednesday morning Hubby, myself and ‘the Beans’ went to watch Little Bean take part in her first ever Sports Day. She was a little nervous […]

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  • Let the Easter celebrations begin . . . 4

    Let the Easter celebrations begin . . .

    This afternoon we kicked off the Easter celebrations at Little Bean’s school with an Easter Egg hunt out on the school field. It was freeeeeeeezing and blowing a gale. We had to find two chicks and three plastic eggs each and then take them into the school hall to see the Easter bunny who then […]

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  • We should have named her Gretel 6

    We should have named her Gretel

    Last week Little Bean came home with her first official School Photo and I have to admit, I did give a little giggle when I saw it and then I slapped myself repeatedly about the head with an imaginary wet fish! Look at my poor Little Bean, she is smiling so beautifully and is such […]

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  • Well that’s rather annoying! 7

    Well that’s rather annoying!

    As today’s school day draws to a close for Little Bean, she will have completed her first half term at Primary School and let me tell you, she is ready for this break. Most evenings when I collect her from school at the moment, she cries within half an hour of the school bell ringing. […]

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  • First day of school

    Little Bean starts school!

    How can it be that our gorgeous little girl is old enough to go to school? I remember when I was pregnant with her, people would say to me “make the most of them, they grow up before you know it” and they were right. I had always dreaded this day where I hand my […]

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