• Christmas Gifts for Children under £35 1

    Christmas Gifts for Children under £35

    Dr Who Cleric Wars App Game and QLA Device Dr Who is one of those programs that I just don’t ‘get’, never have and I believe never will. That said, Curly is a HUGE Dr Who fan and I know that he is not on his own, Dr Who fans really get into it and […]

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  • Christmas Gifts for Children under £20 3

    Christmas Gifts for Children under £20

    Galt Fantastic Foil Art Kit Little Bean and I first saw this kit being demonstrated in a toy store and Little Bean BEGGED me to buy it for her. Unfortunately at the time I had already spent a fortune on her so I suggested she asked asked Santa instead. Anyway, by the power of blogging […]

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  • Halloween Partyware

    Halloween Top Picks

    Do you do Halloween? I have to admit I’m not big on taking the children out ‘Trick or Treating’ although last year they did walk around our neighbours who had a pumpkin outside as we figured that meant they were ‘open’ to Halloween visitors. It’s that fine line between not spoiling the children’s fun when […]

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  • Excited by the new Lego Friends range 5

    Excited by the new Lego Friends range

    Will children ever tire of Lego? I don’t think so. It’s been around certainly for as long as I can remember, it was there at playschool, it was there at school and throughout my growing up. But as with most things Lego has evolved, yes the bricks are mostly still the same but the box […]

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  • 080/366 – Not quite like Mummy . . .

    . . . well, unless she’s putting her make-up on in the dark after a few too many lemon sherberts!! Today we had a long-awaited catch up with some old friends and whilst the Mummies were busy talking the girls were playing quietly in a different room – that silence is always dangerous isn’t it!

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