• Paperchase

    Have a Cracking Christmas with Paperchase

    Paperchase is a shop that I have loved for a long time, not only do they sell gorgeous stationery which is perfect for a stationery hoarder like me but they have great gifts too. Little Bean is following firmly in her Mummy’s footsteps and will always ask to go in there when we have a […]

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  • #BusterTheBoxer

    Getting ready for Christmas with John Lewis #QBlogger

    If there is one shop I look forward to visiting over the Christmas period it’s John Lewis, it’s a shop I remember visiting in my childhood with my Mum and my Nanna, I can remember looking at all of their Christmas decorations (and usually getting static shocks off them too). John Lewis just always manage […]

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  • Hotter Shoes

    New Hotter shoes cure the Winter blues

    My feet are loving me right now; I just keep being so flipping to them. I’ve been exfoliating them, moisturising them and giving them mini-massages. I’ve been to the podiatrist to get them fitted up with custom-made orthotics thanks to my recent attendance at the Hotter VIP event and I’ve been stepping out in not […]

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  • Lush

    Getting naked with Lush

    Shortly after I began my role as a #QBlogger I began reading some of my fellow #QBlogger posts and was so inspired by fellow blogger Kat Rayment’s post on her visit to Lush that I decided I needed to pay them a visit, so I did.

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  • #BootsBeauty

    Step inside Boots Emporium and discover the latest #BootsBeauty treats

    Boots, Queensgate after dark . . . As Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough was starting to turn off lights and pull down the shutters, one store was welcoming their VIP customers by invitation only to the unveiling of their special new shopping experience, Boots Emporium. We were greeted at the door with a choice of bubbly or pink […]

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  • 26. Zsolt Kudich, Great egret awakening

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition comes to Queensgate

    Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough are currently hosting the 51st Wildlife Photographer of the Year tour; the first time the prestigious exhibition has been to Peterborough. The world-renowned exhibition, on loan from the Natural History Museum in London, is completely FREE for the public to enjoy and open in Queensgate’s Central Square until Tuesday 16 August. Featuring […]

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