• 114/365 – Fun in the sun . . . .

    I am so tired tonight I can barely type this post but I’m determined to keep up with my Project 365!  Today we visited the Garden of Surprises at Burghley House in Stamford and had a wonderful day.  The Garden of Surprises opened in 2007 and I’m ashamed to say this was my first visit!!!! […]

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  • Routine is the key! 1

    Routine is the key!

    I think we’re starting to make progress!  We are now 10 weeks into our new life with Beanie Boy and things are starting to settle down a bit.  Last week he actually slept through 4 nights in a row, it would have been 5 night including last night if Little Bean hadn’t shouted out in […]

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  • Life is a rollercoaster!

    Life is a rollercoaster – isn’t that what Ronan Keating said in his song a few years back? That’s how I feel at the moment, the past 20 months have been mental, so much has happened. First off we had an ectopic pregnancy, closely followed by a missed miscarriage which resulted in surgery – stressful […]

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