• 010/365-2013 – The final countdown!! 2

    010/365-2013 – The final countdown!!

    For the last few weeks the tiddlers have been excitedly asking me and Hubby most days “when is Jelly Bean going to come?”. When you’re talking to a 2 and 4 year old it can be quite difficult to explain about due dates and babies coming early/late. Then we struck upon an idea! In the […]

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  • 005/365-2013 – planning ahead

    Every year i get a new calendar and diary, every year i start with the best intentions of keeping up with the planning. Will this be the year i actually keep up with it all? Do you have any recommendations to ensure i keep on top of my plans and keep using my diary/calendar?

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  • 002/365 - 2013 (self torture) 3

    002/365 – 2013 (self torture)

    With only 4 weeks until my due date I am doing what any daft mum-to-be would do, I am watching One Born Every Minute and as magical as it is to see so many gorgeous babies coming into the world, I am not enjoying reliving the memories of the pains of labour (although I do […]

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