• 021/365-2013 – Snow day activities 1

    021/365-2013 – Snow day activities

    Most of the local schools were closed today thanks to the heavy snowfall last night but Little Bean’s school was still open so she got to have lots of fun building snow castles and snowmen with her friends at school.  After a rather slippery drive and a long walk to Beanie Boy’s pre-school I was […]

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  • 020/365-2013 – Catalogue pose?! 2

    020/365-2013 – Catalogue pose?!

    Last week Beanie Boy asked me over and over again if we could go swimming. Up until Christmas I had still been taking him swimming once a week whilst Little Bean was at school but since Christmas I haven’t felt the steadiest on my feet so I didn’t think heading to a leisure pool was […]

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  • 018/365-2013 – Substitute for sand? 3

    018/365-2013 – Substitute for sand?

    The day began really clear, no frost and pretty dry, then within a few hours the snow had filled up the garden again ready for the tiddlers to get out and enjoy it when we had picked Little Bean up from school. The first thing she said when she got in the car was “can […]

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  • 017/365-2013 - cheeky monkey 4

    017/365-2013 – cheeky monkey

    This afternoon Little Bean had a ‘film night’ at school so Beanie Boy had a bit of quality time alone that we wouldn’t normally get. All jobs had been done, he’d had his nap so we decided to get some of his new games and puzzles out. Bop the Martians We played one game that […]

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  • 015/365-2013 – Lurking in my cupboard . . . 6

    015/365-2013 – Lurking in my cupboard . . .

    Tonight as I pulled one of my cookbooks out of my precariously stacked cupboard I was bombarded by a barrage of loose recipes and printouts that I had shoved into my Cookery Book cupboard. One thing which fell out and didn’t quite fit with it’s neighbours though was this Caricature of me which was done […]

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