• 030/365-2013 – Looking after Mummy

    No i am not a slave driver to my tiddlers, Beanie Boy is always so eager to make me happy that he is a really helpful little boy. Since my bump has got to the stage where i struggle to get my shoes on and off, Beanie Boy has made it his job to help […]

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  • Countdown to baby 3

    Countdown to baby

    Little Bean “Mummy when is Jelly Bean going to come out, we have been waiting for AGES to meet him”. When you’re only 4 years old it seems like forever waiting for something exciting like the birth of your new baby brother. To help her count down the days I decided to create her a […]

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  • 023/365-2013 - "i not handsome" 4

    023/365-2013 – “i not handsome”

    Today i took Beanie Boy to get his hair cut which is normally something he does with Daddy at a weekend. He sits so nicely in the barbers chair and does exactly what is asked of him, the barber thought he was fab. When he was all finished he turned to me and i said […]

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