• Hubby felt Jelly Bean kick!! 1

    Hubby felt Jelly Bean kick!!

    After being told at our 20 week scan that my placenta was growing at the front and we wouldn’t feel kicks for a long time yet, we weren’t expecting just one week later for Hubby to be able to feel the first kicks from Jelly Bean. Obviously I have been able to feel movement for […]

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  • If anyone needs me today . . . 2

    If anyone needs me today . . .

    I will be finding out the sex of our baby!!! How quickly does pregnancy go these days? It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was publishing a post on here telling the world that we were to become parents again and now we are already at the half-way mark (well unless Jelly Bean – as […]

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  • Seraphine & Me! 3

    Seraphine & Me!

    I first heard about Seraphine just after I had given birth to Beanie Boy, so unfortunately I was a few months too late to be able to adorn my growing bump with their gorgeous maternity fashions. I do distinctly remember complaining in both of my previous pregnancies that I had found it hard to find […]

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