• Apps: Have you discovered 23Snaps yet? 3

    Apps: Have you discovered 23Snaps yet?

    When I attended BritMums Live earlier this summer I had a chance meeting with two very lovely people who were spreading the word on a new App they have been working on called 23Snaps which is a free private social networking App. When creating the App they wanted to come up with a way that […]

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  • Beanie Boy loses his head . . . 4

    Beanie Boy loses his head . . .

    I haven’t edited his head out of this picture, he decided to swing with his head tipped back and this is what I ended up with – I definitely prefer to see his gorgeous face!

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  • A Family Photo Shoot

    Every year I like to update our family photos around the house, the children grow so fast and change so much in a year that I want as many memories of them around as possible. In the past, other than the photographs that I have taken of the children myself we tend to go for […]

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  • Learn from my mistake!!

    I should start this post by saying that I am huge lover of photography, I take photographs wherever I go. After my family, photography is my next biggest passion and since the dawn of the digital camera my photo collection has grown considerably. For this reason Hubby bought me an external hard-drive to store all […]

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