• Teaching

    5 Ways You Can Get Involved in Your Child’s School Life

    A great many schools rely on the help of parents to perform a range of extra-curricular activities and excursions. Whilst this help is invaluable, it is also an opportunity for you to keep in touch with your child’s educational and social journey. Getting involved with your child’s school is a great way of showing that […]

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  • Sometimes it all just gets a bit too much . . .

    Being a parent isn’t easy. Sometimes it all gets a bit too much . . . I don’t think there could be any parent that would disagree with me no matter what their age/status and if there is they are extremely lucky. Although what I would say is that without the hard times, how can […]

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  • Family

    Keep talking to your children . . .

    From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Little Bean, the worries began. Will my baby be ok, will I be a good Mum – pretty much all the worries that most parents have. Of course she arrived safely, followed by her younger brothers and with each one, new worries came along too. […]

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  • I’ve hopped across the pond today . . . 2

    I’ve hopped across the pond today . . .

    Ok so that might be a little bit of a fib, I’m still sitting on my sofa here in (surprisingly) sunny Lincolnshire with one little boy fast asleep upstairs and the other playing with his figures on our plush new rug in the lounge. So what am I talking about? Well, a few weeks ago […]

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  • Treading water . . . 3

    Treading water . . .

    Treading water is about as close a description as I can possibly give at the moment to how I’m feeling. We are now into the fourth week of the summer holidays and to be honest I feel like we have done pretty well. I haven’t been too stressed out, or at least not for the […]

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