• Autumn Treasure Trail 1

    Autumn Treasure Trail

    This week at Little Bean’s school they are starting to talk about Autumn so after school today I decided to take Little Bean and Beanie Boy on an Autumn Treasure Trail. I gave each of them a food bag and said that we needed to find Autumn Treasures so that Little Bean could take some […]

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  • Review: JJ Cole System 180 Changing Bag 2

    Review: JJ Cole System 180 Changing Bag

    A girl can never have too many bags right? Of course I’m right! When you become a Mummy there is even more excuse for a new bag because you need one that will be big enough to store everything and the kitchen sink that you need to take with you for that new, rather small […]

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  • A Puddle Hunting Expedition!!! 3

    A Puddle Hunting Expedition!!!

    It always happens doesn’t it, you wake up in the morning the sky looks a bit grey and you battle with your brains for the best attire for the day, finally you decide “hey it’s the middle of July – it’s summertime I SHALL wear my new flip flops” and just as you head out […]

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  • Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter

    Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter

    Curly has had a scooter for as long as I can remember now, I think Nanny gave him his first scooter for his 4th birthday and he is a demon on it still. He flies around on it like a mad man, often leaving me catching my breath as I’m sure he’s about to come […]

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  • A Perfect Day

    Just a perfect day

    I’ve had a perfect day with my babies today, although we haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary. In fact, when I begin my story you’ll probably wonder what is so perfect about it.

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