• I have been converted to online shopping! 1

    I have been converted to online shopping!

    It’s funny how things change over time isn’t it. Before having children I wouldn’t even contemplate shopping online or from a catalogue “where’s the fun in that?” I would think. I used to love the opportunity to wander at my leisure around the shops and browse to my heart’s content. I loved the feeling of […]

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  • Shopping online is easy and rewarding! 2

    Shopping online is easy and rewarding!

    Before having children, a day out shopping was something to look forward to, a day which I would normally spend with my Mum and would really enjoy but since having children I pretty much hate having to hit the shops with my children in tow.  Quite understandably they find it boring and get rather testing […]

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  • Are you saving money online? 3

    Are you saving money online?

    In the past couple of years I think everyone has been feeling the pinch as far as spending is concerned and so we need to save money where we can. Gone are the days of just having a day out at the shops and spending money without worrying (to be fair those days disappeared a […]

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  • Twiggy’s new range for Autumn Winter at M&S

    I’m pretty sure Twiggy has been around for a few hundred years now but she is still looking fantastic and she still knows good fashion which is why M&S asked her to create her own range for Autumn/Winter which is available exclusively online and includes her style staples such as tailored jackets and easy-to-wear dresses […]

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  • Dreaming of a summer wardrobe . . .

    Sitting here in my lounge watching the rain pour down the windows I decided to cheer myself up by looking ahead to sunnier days and making plans for my summer wardrobe. Just a few short weeks ago I was doing the school run in flips flops and summer dresses, this morning I was dressed in […]

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