• New Schuhs!! 1

    New Schuhs!!

    Before Christmas, we were asked if we would like to review Schuh’s children’s collection either in-store or online. Initially, I was going to try online as I hadn’t been shopping in Peterborough for so long and didn’t realise we actually had a Schuh shop now. So post Christmas when I dared to venture to the […]

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  • I have been converted to online shopping! 2

    I have been converted to online shopping!

    It’s funny how things change over time isn’t it. Before having children I wouldn’t even contemplate shopping online or from a catalogue “where’s the fun in that?” I would think. I used to love the opportunity to wander at my leisure around the shops and browse to my heart’s content. I loved the feeling of […]

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  • Save Money at Your Favourite Retailers Online 3

    Save Money at Your Favourite Retailers Online

    Everyone has their favourite shops, whether it is buying clothes from Boohoo.com, gadgets from Firebox.com or books from Amazon.co.uk. Even though it may be cheaper for you to buy the same item from elsewhere, a lot of the time it is just easier and more convenient to buy it from a site that you know […]

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  • Shopping online is easy and rewarding! 4

    Shopping online is easy and rewarding!

    Before having children, a day out shopping was something to look forward to, a day which I would normally spend with my Mum and would really enjoy but since having children I pretty much hate having to hit the shops with my children in tow.  Quite understandably they find it boring and get rather testing […]

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  • Are you saving money online? 5

    Are you saving money online?

    In the past couple of years I think everyone has been feeling the pinch as far as spending is concerned and so we need to save money where we can. Gone are the days of just having a day out at the shops and spending money without worrying (to be fair those days disappeared a […]

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  • Twiggy’s new range for Autumn Winter at M&S

    I’m pretty sure Twiggy has been around for a few hundred years now but she is still looking fantastic and she still knows good fashion which is why M&S asked her to create her own range for Autumn/Winter which is available exclusively online and includes her style staples such as tailored jackets and easy-to-wear dresses […]

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