• The Gallery: Mother Love

    When the theme for the Gallery was set as Mother Love this week, three pictures jumped to my mind and although they have probably appeared on my site before I want to show them again because they mean so much to me.  This was the very first picture taken of me just after the birth […]

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  • I feel happy . . . .

    . . . isn’t that how the song goes?  I feel happy and very very lucky to have such a lovely family who I love very much.  This morning I awoke to the sound of my 2yo daughter saying “morning Mummy, happy prize!” – bless her she says this for everything, Christmas, birthdays, any time […]

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  • Highs and Lows!

    My day started around 8.30am when I was woke to the whisperings outside my bedroom door of Curly saying to Baby Bean “you go and give this one to Mummy”. The bedroom door then opened and Baby Bean came running in, closely followed by Curly shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” and both of them thrusting presents, […]

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