• Windows 8 Phone

    #MeetYours The New Windows Phone 8

    Last night in a dark basement in London a group of Media and tech lovers got up close and personal with the new Windows Phone 8. It’s been a long time coming but I think you will agree it is worth the wait. My first Smartphone was a Windows Phone and I was advised by […]

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  • Not so mobile Mum!

    For the past month I have felt like my right arm has been chopped off.  In my bid to save some money I decided to stop paying for internet usage on my mobile phone because my phone has been playing up and just wasn’t doing what I needed it to.  I used to receive all […]

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  • MiFi for Mobile Mums

    Being a work at home mum is great, it means that I get to spend lots of valuable time with my children.  I use “work” at home in a rather loose sense of the word.  I do a small amount of invoicing for an old work colleague on an “as and when” basis and have […]

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