• He’s my big boy now . . . 1

    He’s my big boy now . . .

    Oh come on you dirty minded lot, what sort of picture were you expecting to see here? Of course, I’m talking about my little Beanie Boy who as from January will no longer be the baby of the family. This week we have been busy getting ready for our new arrival due in the New […]

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  • Beanie Boy’s next big move! 2

    Beanie Boy’s next big move!

    With only 9 weeks until Jelly Bean’s due date, Hubby and I are finally starting to get a move on with giving Jelly Bean his own space when he arrives. This isn’t going to be an easy task though, we live in a 4 bedroom house and already have 3 children so if you have […]

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  • We should have named her Gretel 3

    We should have named her Gretel

    Last week Little Bean came home with her first official School Photo and I have to admit, I did give a little giggle when I saw it and then I slapped myself repeatedly about the head with an imaginary wet fish! Look at my poor Little Bean, she is smiling so beautifully and is such […]

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  • Little Bean’s first boyfriend! 4

    Little Bean’s first boyfriend!

    I remember when Little Bean was born that Hubby and I joked about how we would keep her locked up until she was 30 before letting her out into the big wide world and venturing into ‘first boyfriend’ territory.  Life with a daughter was definitely going to be different. Starting School When we made that […]

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  • Beanie Boy's First Day at PreSchool 5

    Beanie Boy’s First Day at PreSchool

    How did this day arrive so quickly? One minute he was my tiny little bundle in my arms, then he turned one, last week he turned two and now he has started at preschool. Preschool doesn’t normally start until two and half years but his one, the one which Little Bean attended takes them from […]

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