• 18 months

    My ‘baby’ is nearly 18 months!

    At the end of this month Jelly Bean will be 18 months old!! I know we say it all the time as parents but where does the time go? Jelly Bean is developing such a character, I think he is going to be quite different again from his older siblings, he is quite the comedian […]

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  • Birthday

    Happy 6th Birthday Little Bean!

    How can it be that this beautiful little lady has been in our lives for 6 years already. I still remember the day that she was born like it was yesterday, it was hot sunshine and I had to have a fan constantly blowing on me in hospital (we were allowed them at the time). […]

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  • Happy 1st Birthday Jelly Bean 1

    Happy 1st Birthday Jelly Bean

    How on earth did it happen? The last time I checked, Jelly Bean was this tiny little bundle being handed to me wrapped up in a towel wondering what on earth had just happened to him. All of my babies are special, of course they are, they are my world but Jelly Bean’s arrival marked […]

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  • Jelly Bean’s 1st Birthday Celebrations 2

    Jelly Bean’s 1st Birthday Celebrations

    I have always felt sorry for the children who are born so soon after Christmas, it’s really hard to know what to buy them and I often feel that they have been cheated out of a birthday in some respects. The thing that I found hardest for celebrating Jelly Bean’s first birthday was that it […]

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  • A chilly day at the park . . . 3

    A chilly day at the park . . .

    Now that Jelly Bean is that little bit older it’s nice to be able to take him to the park with Beanie Boy whilst Little Bean is at school and for him to be able to join in, instead of being stuck in the confines of the pushchair watching as Beanie Boy has fun. Last […]

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  • Here comes trouble . . . 4

    Here comes trouble . . .

    I swear if you close your eyes for just a second, these babies grow a whole inch! This week my cute little Jelly Bean seems to have grown up overnight, one minute he is still merrily SAS-style crawling his way around the house, the next he is pulling himself up to kneeling being extremely cheeky […]

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  • Potty Training Pride for Beanie Boy 5

    Potty Training Pride for Beanie Boy

    A few weeks ago I blogged that we had attempted to potty train Beanie Boy over the summer holidays but we hadn’t felt he was clicking with it so we were putting it on the back-burner for a while. From reading the “How to Potty Train” book I implemented the changes as it suggested; We […]

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