• Jelly Bean

    Is preschool ready for Jelly Bean?!

    I’ve been kicking my heals a bit when it comes to starting Jelly Bean at preschool. He’s still my baby, my last one at home and I’m keen to make the most of him. That said, these last couple of months have really shown his ‘terrible twos’ side and I started to see the bonus […]

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  • Outdoor fun

    Pirates, Plasters and a Picnic in the Park

    The Summer holidays have crept up on me again this year, I just don’t know where this last term has gone. With the approaching Summer holidays comes a sad realisation for me too, things are about to change. These are my last few weeks with my boys at home together two days a week because […]

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  • Little Bean

    Little Bean’s 7th Birthday Celebrations!!

    Last weekend we celebrated Little Bean’s 7th Birthday with family and friends. She woke early and bless her waited patiently until I awoke. I had told her that she should wake me but she said that she knew I needed to sleep, I felt bad when I woke knowing that she had delayed her birthday […]

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  • Beanie Boy

    There’s a change in Beanie Boy . . .

    I’ve been a little spoilt with Beanie Boy being a September baby because it has meant that I got to spend an extra year at home with him before he heads off to Primary School. He has been going to pre-school since he was two, initially just two mornings a week and then eventually 3 […]

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  • birthday boy

    Jelly Bean turns two – yes really!

    It can’t really be two years since he was born can it? Who pressed fast forward on life because I swear it has never gone faster than these past (nearly) 7 years since I became a Mummy. Jelly Bean is the cherry on the top of our family pie, he came along to complete our […]

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