• What ordinary family moments do you look forward to? 1

    What ordinary family moments do you look forward to?

    If you have children then you can pretty much guarantee your life will be far from mundane. Children have this way of livening things up, bringing joy to some of the most uneventful activities. Playing on a swing isn’t just playing on a swing, it’s a rope in the jungle getting them from branch to […]

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  • Who knows what tomorrow brings? 2

    Who knows what tomorrow brings?

    Nobody, that’s who! For a large part that is one of the reasons that I started this blog. Without being too morbid, we in the blogosphere have seen the tragedy that can happen when someone is taken away from us too young. Children have lost a parent and parents have lost children and whilst nothing […]

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  • Review: Fingerprint Tree 3

    Review: Fingerprint Tree

    I’m a sucker for ‘memories’ I like to commemorate special events in time, to give me something to look back on which will trigger the emotion of a day and who shared in that day. On Sunday our family and friends gathered together to celebrate Jelly Bean’s Christening and this time we had a new […]

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  • An Oscar winning delivery . . .

    Last week a parcel arrived on my doorstep from Warners Bros which has added class to my DVD collection, I am a huge lover of films. I would rather sit and watch a film any day of the week over general TV. A good film has the ability to take you away from this world […]

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  • Top 10 Favourite Memories

    I don’t know why I have decided to do this post? I started up my laptop with a whole different post lined up in my head but for some reason my fingers developed a mind of their own and typed Top 10 Favourite Memories instead! This could actually be a tough one because I’m probably […]

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  • Out with the old, in with the new . . .

    So that’s it, another year filed away – 2010 has been and gone now we need to look to the future and hope for a bright and successful 2011. We began the year in the throes of our struggles with Little Bean’s issues with eating, we were having regular appointments with a Speech Therapist to […]

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