• My Top 10 British Olympians 1

    My Top 10 British Olympians

    I recently had a very interesting conversation with someone about how much our children know about our Olympians past and present. It was during a conversation with her teenage son that she began to question what had been taught at school since her son asked the question, “Who is Seb Coe?”. She was shocked that […]

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  • An evening with Dawn French and the P&G Olympic Mums

    Yesterday started out as a pretty average day; cleaning the house, feeding the children, changing nappies and doing the shopping. But at 3pm instead of taking the children to the park or playing games in the playroom I dropped them off at their Nanny and Grandads before making my way to London to spend an […]

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  • P&G say ‘Thank You’ to some very proud parents 2

    P&G say ‘Thank You’ to some very proud parents

    Being a parent is the most fulfilling role I have undertaken in my life so far, its definitely my proudest achievement. Each time one of them reaches a milestone or overcomes a challenge, my heart beats right out of my chest and they still have such a long way to go. At this moment in […]

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  • Sainsbury’s Super Saturday

    When I started my blog a couple of years ago I had no idea where it would take me and the opportunities that it would give to me and my family. Yesterday was one such day where I really had to appreciate how lucky I was. As a result of my blog I have received […]

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