• A lesson taught? 1

    A lesson taught?

    After school pick-up I needed to pop to the supermarket to collect a few bits for the children’s tea. As usual the tiddlers weren’t behaving impeccably (when will I ever learn to go to the supermarket whilst they aren’t with me???) so when we finally made it to the cashiers I told the tiddlers to […]

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  • Little Bean’s Learning Journey 3

    Little Bean’s Learning Journey

    As a parent is there anything more awe-inspiring than watching your children learn and develop? Hubby and I have both been so proud of how well Little Bean is doing at school, she is soaking up every piece of information that is given to her at school and is loving ‘words’ at the moment. She […]

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  • Fisher Price Favourites

    From that very first smile to the first wobbly steps, there will be so much to master over the next few years. And babies learn best when they’re having fun! From sensing, reaching, moving and learning to growing their imagination, Fisher-Price Favourites toys have been specially picked to help give you and your baby a […]

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