• #Qblogger

    Queensgate AW17 #QBlogger Challenge

    Last week I was invited to take part in a very secretive #QBlogger Challenge at Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough. My instructions were to meet my fellow #Qbloggers at Hotel Chocolat at 6pm where I would be presented with an envelope containing instructions for my challenge. On arrival at Hotel Chocolat I spotted Laura, Jaymee, […]

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  • Wear It Like a Mum

    Boden launches ‘Wear It Like A Mum’ campaign

    The campaign shines a light on the expectations placed on women’s style after they have children Boden has launched a study into perceptions on mums’ style with linguistics expert Dr Michael Farrelly Launches new advert starring inspirational mums sharing experiences of style and motherhood London, U.K., 11.10.17 – Boden today launches Wear It Like A Mum, […]

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  • A Denim Wishlist to Celebrate Curves

    In the days before children I used to go to the gym to bulk up because I was a teeny size 8 and I didn’t look good on it. I felt, and looked, like a bag of bones but fast forward through three babies and working from home and it’s a totally different story. I […]

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  • Summer denim trends

    As we welcome a new season, we also welcome new trends. But for some of us, we shy away from summer denim must-haves in fear that it means tiny denim hot pants and white jeans. Thankfully, that’s not the case. In fact, summer denim can be sophisticated and stylish for all shapes and sizes – […]

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