• Wowcher Purchase Review

    Our latest Wowcher purchase review

    Wowcher is an online shopping channel where you can buy anything from household goods and gifts to meals out, weekends away and travel breaks. Everybody loves a good deal these days, after all, we need our money to go as far as possible so Wowcher makes it happen. Over the years, we have purchased numerous […]

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  • Household appliances

    repair or replace the most common household appliances

    Household appliances can be some of the most expensive purchases homeowners and renters alike make. They are essentially an investment and with every investment, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Purchasing household appliances should be a critical task, it’s good to have an idea of the life expectancy of […]

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  • Appliances

    Tips on How to Keep Appliances from Breaking down and Maintain Them Properly

    Everyone uses appliances daily. These include refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposal systems, washers and dryers. High usage invariably results in a greater strain on these appliances. If these appliances are not operating at maximum efficiency, this could be harmful to the appliance and your family. With a full house, you know that the fridge doors […]

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  • Home Appliances

    Brits are wasting money on their out of date household appliances

    MORE THAN half of Brits are risking higher energy bills as a result of not replacing appliances when they need to, according to new research. A survey of homeowners carried out by leading household appliances retailer, AppliancesDirect.co.uk, as part of its Power On: The Evolution of Appliances report, revealed 66% do not know when appliances should be replaced.

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  • Smeg’s Symphony SY62MX8

    Your guide to family-friendly ovens

    Every family needs an oven; they are an absolute must. However, they aren’t exactly cheap, especially if you want one that offers easy-cleaning, top-notch cooking facilities and happens to look pretty good too. However, affordable, value-packed ovens do exist. In fact, there are many to pick from, perhaps too many which can lead to wrong […]

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