• What is Acai? 1

    What is Acai?

    Many people have heard of Acai but are not sure exactly what it is. Acai (pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’) is a small, dark purple berry which is the fruit of the Acai Palm tree. This tree flourishes in the lush Amazon rainforests of Brazil and is mostly seeds covered in a small amount of pulp. What is […]

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  • Welch’s made me popular with the neighbours! 3

    Welch’s made me popular with the neighbours!

    I should start this post by saying, I have been meaning to write this for WEEKS! I really don’t know where the time has been going at the minute, each time I blink another week/month has passed. Waaaaaaaay back before the fabulous Jubilee Weekend I was asked if I would like to review the range […]

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  • What’s brewing in the tea world

    The loose leaf tea renaissance As a nation we enjoy drinking 165 million cups of tea on a daily basis, according to the Tea Council. However our taste in tea is changing as the loose leaf tea and infusion sector of the market is growing. So why the renaissance in loose leaf tea? Claire Trumper […]

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  • What on earth is Rooibos? 4

    What on earth is Rooibos?

    I’m a lifelong tea drinker, I started then soon enough I was on 6 or more cups a day. What I didn’t realise until recently, was how boring it is to just drink regular tea! A friend of mine is very ethical and healthy and right-on, and I offered her a cup of tea, but […]

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  • Ragdale Hall should be . . .

    . . . prescribed by the Doctors! Last Saturday my Mum and I set off at a very sociable 9am in the direction of Ragdale Hall. The sun wasn’t shining but we didn’t care because a day of relaxation and pampering was waiting for us. Upon arrival we received a very warm and friendly welcome […]

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