• Project 366

    Project 366 – Week 2

    Ok so I’m a day late in posting this but at least I have remembered to post. Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me so please do forgive my tardiness. Getting back to last week, all in all it wasn’t a bad week really. The weather was pretty rubbish but then again, it is Winter! […]

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  • Warm Home

    How to keep your home warm this winter

    It’s vital to keep your home warm in winter. Without preparing properly for the colder months of the year, you and your family members can suffer from a wide range of health conditions. In more extreme circumstances there can be even more serious consequences. Everyone wants to live in a comfortable home where they don’t […]

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  • Hospital

    Problems with poop!

    Nobody ever said parenting would be easy but there were certain things that I was perhaps a little daft to take for granted, like; breastfeeding would be a piece of cake – I got that wrong my children would all love food – I got that wrong pooping would be simple, it’s human nature – […]

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  • Hope

    Becoming a healthier you . . .

    By Leslie Vandever He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. –Arabian saying In today’s world, health is big business. Drug and natural supplement companies sell potions and pills. Exercise and diet entrepreneurs by the tens of dozens sell just as many ways of getting and staying fit. And the […]

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  • Microscooters

    Microscooter families just wanna have fun!

    Back in January this year I attended the Toy Fair at Olympia and tweeted a picture of all the gorgeous new Microscooters they had on display. We have long been fans of Microscooter so we were over the moon when Microscooter picked up my tweet and asked if we would be interested in trying out […]

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