• Happy Mother’s Day to Me! 1

    Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

    I’m such a lucky Mummy, not only do I have the best four kiddywinks (ok today I’m pretending they are always really well behaved and don’t drive me potty!) but today they have spoilt me rotten. I also received a lovely new charm for my Hot Diamonds bracelet from Jelly Bean but I didn’t dare […]

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  • Our best afternoon since Little Bean started school! 2

    Our best afternoon since Little Bean started school!

    To say that things have been a little tense with Little Bean since she started school last Monday would be an understatement. She is clearly getting very tired thanks to her new routine but she is LOVING school so that is the main thing. She is being good at school and is making new friends, […]

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  • I love being a Mummy

    For as long as I can remember I dreamed of one day becoming a Mummy, ‘three’ was always my magic number, the number of children I wanted to have. I don’t know why three exactly, because most people who I know that came from a family of three said that it was pretty rubbish, two […]

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  • 052/366 – Happy Birthday Sis!

    Ok I admit it, I’m rubbish! Half way through the afternoon I realised that today was my sister’s birthday and this is appalling when you consider that she was only in my house less than 48 hours ago. I only met my sister less than 3 years ago, until that time we didn’t know that […]

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  • 051/366 – Beanie Boy unleashed

    When we went for a walk at Ferry Meadows yesterday, we let Beanie Boy get out of the pushchair to stretch his legs rather than being cooped up in his pushchair the whole time. So feeling brave today when Little Bean asked if we could go out for a walk again, I decided to let […]

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